Monday, April 18, 2011

Im boy crazy....

Okay, i couldnt think of anything else to blog I guess Im talking about me being all boy crazy.
I like guys. Like really really like them...A lot. Thats why i love my job working for The American Model Search because a LOT of hot guys try out for modeling and you get to flirt with all of them(: Ive gotten so many numbers....Its crazy. Like i seriously had trouble remembering who was who the first few days.. But then i dropped the douchbags and the perverts and so now im stuck with a few good guys..Which i dont mind at allllll.
Being soo boy crazy, though, has its disadvantages too.. Like talking to 5 guys at once and one of them desides to like you but you dont want a relationship so you tell them that then they dont wanna talk to you anymore..... Yeahhhh...thats not fun lol. But other than that its pretty good(: Buttt the guys im texting now are older than me.. Like 18 & 19.. Which isnt so bad because ill be 17 in a month.. But still lol. But they're both really sweet and cute so we'll see about this.
But yeah, Ive always been boy crazy. Ever since i was like...5 lol. Boys have never been icky or gross to me. Now, some boys ARE icky and gross...and those are the ones I stay away from lol. But like i really dont have a type. All I ask is that they're 1) Hot. 2)Buff. 3)Tan.. I mean, thats not very demanding haha. Oh! and they have to be nice. But other than that, I dont care(: But they have to be like under 20 (for right now) cause that would kinda be labeled as pedifiling...

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