Tuesday, April 12, 2011

About Me(:

Hey! Im morgan.....I dont really know how to blog...But anyways..I guess ill start out by telling you a little about myself.
1) Im morgan..duh..
2) Im 16 buttt my birthday's May 20th, so im pretty close to being 17(:
3) Im short...very short.
4) I LOVE to shop.
5) Im a single lady and plan to stay like this for a while.
6) I go to MHBS.
7) Im not very coordinated....which is why i dont play sports.
8) Im pretty odd. No lie lol.
9) Im pretty outgoing most of the time.
10) I have over a thousand friends on facebook. Woohoo!
11) I lovee Yo Momma jokes.
12) Sarcasm is just another service i offer.
13) If your stupid, dont be surprised if i tell you so.
14) I love movies. Any type of movie.
15) Music is what keeps me at my happiest.
16) My favorite class is Computer Applications (Your welcome Mrs.Becker :D)
17) I love listening to ghetto people talk. Im not racist, its just funny.
18) Im a Senior Model of 2012 for Butler Studio's.
19) I think i have narcolepsy. Like no joke.. lol.
20) I love to sleep in the tanning bed. Its extremely relaxing. Especially when you have your music blaring and the fans on. Ahhhhhhh-Mazin(:
21) Im an intern for America's Mall Model Search. I love it(: Even though i dont get paid... :/
22) I have hazel eyes that are really cool; they like change colors and sometimes they'll be three colors at once.
23) I lovelovelove summer. Thats the only time im really happy haha.
24) I usually get depressed during the winter. I like to see the snow fall, but id rather it be like 90 degrees outside year round.
25) Im a BIG fan of the beach. Expecially Panama City Beach(:
26) Ive only been to Disney World once :/
27) Ive only had 3 REAL* boyfriends my entire life. The other ones were just there to waste time.
28) I love chicken. Any kind of chicken. Well except raw chicken, duh.
29) Im not a big fan of chinese food.
30) Mexicans scare the death out of me.
31) Im NOT a Justin Bieber fan.
32) Im blessed with a ton of great friends(:
33) I want to attend UAB after highschool.
34) I love me some Bama football.
35)Even though im a girly girl, I still wanna go hunting someday.
36) Im running out of things to say....
Okay im out of things to say lol. But thats just a little FYI on me(:

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